BioDesign for Google Glass

glassGrace and Lily are thrilled to be working with the Google Glass this summer! Their goals is to explore the use and acceptance of Google Glass in BioDesign lab settings.

After a few weeks of learning Android tools and familiarizing ourselves with the Glass’s functions, they have finally developed a prototype of a Google Glass app for BioDesign that they are working towards! They apply a participatory design method in this project and collaborate closely with a Biology iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine student research competition) team at Boston University. They aim to create an app that supports users who work in a biology lab, allowing them to view protocols, take pictures notes, and set timers. Right before we headed out to BU to test the first prototype, they added one more feature to our working app: the ability to pick up where you left off upon exiting and restarting the program.

Hopping on the train and heading to BU, they introduced the program to their users and observed how they used Glass app during while they worked on their BioDesign experiment. Luckily, some of Glass’ shortcomings (i.e., overheating or going to sleep after 20 seconds) did not pose problems. We received immediate, positive feedback at the end of the day, and they look forward to visiting them again in two days.


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