Double the Vision

photo (9)The HCI lab recently welcomed the arrival of our second Google Glass, which boasts a soft sky blue look. We plan to continue developing on one Glass and testing with the other.

Last Friday, the entire lab traveled to Boston University for the NEGEM Conference (New England iGEM Conference), where Lily and Grace spent some time sharing our work with iGEM teams from BU, Tufts, MIT, Harvard, Rutgers, and WPI. BU’s team was very enthusiastic when they shared their experiences testing out our initial protocol app. We hope to extend our collaboration and user testing to these other teams.

Back in the lab, Lily and Grace are making incremental progress with incorporating gestures into our protocol app. Inspired by OnTheGo Platform’s Ari demo, which enables users to shuffle through photos by swiping in front of the camera, we are working towards our own version. At the moment, our nemesis seems to be calibrating the camera with our hand motions. However, while both Glasses are still in the lab, we’re doubling our efforts and brainpower to figure things out.


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