The First Glass Study

photo (10)This past week, Grace and Lily have given one of our Glass units to our BU collaborators to try out. Each person will use the Glass for ~3 days and fill out a daily survey, marking which applications they used, whether Glass responded well to their commands, how they felt about the Glass, etc.

The goal of this study is to better understand Glass strengths and faults. Since Glass is such a different technological platform compared to what we are familiar with, we aim to see if user ratings for Glass improve over time. Lily stated, “When I first tried out the Glass, I remember that the first day was primarily driven by my curiosity to understand Glass, instead of being captivated by its provided functions. It was strange to get used to, and I was hardly able to make any practical use of it. By the third day, however, I had settled into the comfortable niche of messaging and sending pictures to my friends via glass, so that I could be chatting even as I cooked a messy dinner.” Hopefully, our participants will experience a similar development.

As for our protocol app, we have finally implemented gesture detection so that the user can swipe through slides via hand-waving motions in front of the camera (as opposed to using the touchpad on the side of the glass). Grace and Lily believe this hands-free interaction is particularly useful for lab researchers, as they may have hazardous materials on their gloves. However, the gesture detector follows the hand based on skin color, which poses problems at times. Our lab participants wear white gloves when working, and unfortunately, many object in the lab are also white, thus interfering with the detection. As we further develop this application, we hope to find a solution to this issue.


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