Gesture Recognition with Glass

photo (11)Lily and Grace continue to add features to their protocol app. Although one of the glasses is still at BU, their progress has been steady as they each continue to develop different features. Lily is currently working to provide users a function to view multiple steps of the protocol at once. This idea sprung from one of their BU collaborator’s suggestions for improvement. Meanwhile, Grace is grappling with voice commands within the app. Her goal is to incorporate speech recognition for commands like “next” or “previous” (to navigate the protocol) without having to touch Glass to activate this feature. Another possible feature to look into is incorporating videos in the app, so that users could view a video demo for certain steps of the protocol.

Their friends at Boston University continue to experiment and play around with Glass. Each collaborator will have a week to work extensively with the protocol app that Grace and Lily have developed. At the moment, the app enables the users to move through the protocol steps with hand gestures and touchpad scrolls. The Google Glass team here hopes to continue building off of their collaborators’ suggestions and improving their app as they receive feedback along the way.

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