When Life Gives You Google Glasses, Conduct More User Studies

photo 1
The Google Glass team has just begun conducting another wave of user studies. The arrival of a third Google Glass (grey) enabled Grace and Lily to kick off a new study with Wellesley’s own synthetic biology students. They ensured that each Wellesley student also works in a wet lab environment and uses protocols regularly. During a lunch meeting they held, Grace and Lily invited 11 Wellesley biology students to play around with their protocol application and to munch on Boloco burritos. As the Google Glass team explained its purpose and goals for the study, the biology researchers chimed in with their feedback and initial suggestions for further enhancements.

From this collaborative discussion, Grace and Lily noticed that some of the most common suggestions included features to bookmark current steps and to input unknown values through voice commands. The team also learned that lab goggles are potentially problematic, as Google Glass does not fit well over or under them. Companies like XOne seem to be addressing such issues by designing safety goggles with Glass-like features. Fortunately, only one of the Wellesley users is required to wear goggles, and Lily and Grace plan to find her a substitute for the study.

Jusphoto 2t this morning, Grace and Lily handed Google Glasses over to two Wellesley students for a three-day study.  The biology researchers quickly grew accustomed to their customized protocol apps and immediately started using them. In the meantime, the first week-long user from Boston University is turning over the Google Glass to a second week-long user.  

Excitement fills the air, and data is flowing up their stream.


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