Web Application of MoClo Planner

MoClo Planner Web
During the zSpace team’s previous endeavor to finish 60 use r studies in 10 days, the fNIRS device failed so the team is now pursuing a different project. While waiting for progress on fixing the machine, we’ve started web development with jQuery on MoClo Planner, a modular cloning planner used by synthetic biologists to plan their experiments.  MoClo Planner is a project originally done in 2012 by past summer researchers in Wellesley’s HCI lab. During its creation, the goal of MoClo Planner was to provide a touch compatible interface that allowed for easier information gathering and construct designing in synthetic biology labs. It contains a biological part library that can be filtered and searched through, access to a data sheet and relevant publications from Pubmed for each part, and a layered workspace (the featured  image displays a prototype of the layered workspaces in the web version of MoClo Planner).

Neither Jasmine nor Cassie have much experience using jQuery so there is a learning curve to their development process but they chose to remake the application with jQueryUI, a library that has features like drag/drop and resizability. Their goal is to make the application as similar to the version of MoClo developed for the Microsoft Surface as possible. The web version was highly requested by our collaborators at BU and International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGem) Foundation.

So far, we have made resizable panels that function in the same way as the ones in the surface application. Our short term goals are to make drag and dropping between panels possible. During our process, we are trying to bring the high school interns from the Wellesley-Framingham Outreach Summer Program, Shristi and Savanah, on board with our project to give them a wider base of experience in HCI.


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