“Next” Steps for Google Glass

The Google Glass team has solidified an ambitious To Do list for the last two weeks. As user studies continue during the daytime, Grace and Lily are researching different areas for their app development and beginning a research paper.


When the Wellesley biologists are not engaging with the Google Glass, Grace and Lily are working to add features to the app. Grace is still focusing on embedding voice commands. By the end of the two weeks, she hopes to achieve a simple command of “next” and “previous” to navigate through the protocols. Meanwhile, Lily plans to add bookmark feature that will enable users to mark their current progress in the experiment. Afterwards, she wants to start designing an accompanying program that allows users to upload their protocols directly into the app.

At Boston University, the third user has just started his week-long user study and will continue to send us feedback. By the end of this week, the Google Glass team will have finished all user studies with the BU researchers.



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